Who is Northeastern Fine Fishing Co.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are determined to spread our passion for float fishing. We first encountered this form of fishing in Canada and are eager to watch this emerging sport spread in North America especially across the northeastern US where we work and play.

As one of the finest forms of river and stream fishing, we enjoy float fishing for bass and trout in our local Pennsylvania rivers, but our true love is fishing for salmon and steelhead in the Great Lakes tributaries. From September to May, we fish the tributaries of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie spanning from Southern Ontario to the northeastern US. If you see us on the river, come say hi!

We take pride in having a positive impact on keeping our waters and lands clean, and sharing our knowledge of this incredible sport with others.

We have a fantastic selection of centerpin reels and tackle, and we encourage all local customers to come by and support our small business.  We are here to help all centerpin anglers of all skill levels.

When you purchase from us online, you will have a choice to pay with PayPal, Amazon Pay, or by credit card. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase, please contact us! We love to hear from our customers, whether it is to discuss our products or just float fishing in general.  If you are in need of expedited shipping, please be sure to call or email us before placing your order, to ensure we are not away fishing.

To share our enthusiasm for float fishing by offering quality, premium products at affordable prices; to create an online community for angling enthusiasts to share stories, learnings, and mutual appreciation of wildlife and the sport.

Michael Sola, owner and angling enthusiast, founded Northeastern Fine Fishing Co. with a passion for float fishing. Currently, Michael resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and children. Prior to living in the Keystone state, Michael and his family lived in Toronto, Ontario where he first experienced float fishing in the tributaries of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The Grand River in Southern Ontario, which is the first river he used a centerpin reel, is still one of his favorite fisheries. After experiencing so much success float fishing, he now uses a centerpin reel year-round as he makes regular trips to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie tributaries.

Michael can be reached directly at (570) 704-7123 or by email to mike@finefishingco.com.

What We Value

Preservation of Land, Waters & Wildlife. We practice C&R (catch and release) and keeping our tributaries and surrounding lands clean. We support programs that support preservation. When you purchase from us you’re giving back too. So, kudos to you!

Passion for the Sport. Passion is contagious. We encourage you to share your stories, perspectives, shot patterns, pictures, and more on our blog and Facebook page to enable anglers at all levels.

Learning & Growth. It is important to our mission to offer anglers tools, resources, and connections that elevate the sport of float fishing. We never stop learning, and strive for continuous growth. We love float fishing. We love story telling. We hope you do too!

Gratitude.  We have a profound appreciation for what we have—wildlife that is awe-inspiring, sport which offers recreational relief and hobby, and a connection with others through a strong sense of community. What do you love about today?

Northeastern Fine Fishing Company