Troutbeads are a proven bead and are a great choice for salmon, steelhead and trout fished with fly, float or spinning gear. These beads were first used in Alaskan rivers and streams and are now popular for use around the Great Lakes. Troutbeads can be used in any situation where you would fish an egg imitation, single egg or spawn sack. These beads are also used by walleye and bass anglers for spinner and lure building.

The rigging is a simple technique. The angler places a bead on the line or tippet, then attaches a hook (size 6 – 12 are recommended) to the line. The bead can either be fished free floating or “pegged” to the line with a round toothpick (not included) one to two inches above the hook. The lure is presented just like any other egg imitation, dead drifted alone, under a float or strike indicator. Use just enough weight to get the bead to the bottom, but not so much that the natural drift is compromised.

Troutbeads are manufactured from hard plastic, with a hole drilled through the center.

Troutbeads are made in the U.S.A.

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