AMUNDSON Steelhead Tracker Centerpin Float Reel


Amundson is a company located in British Columbia, Canada specializing in fly and float fishing gear. Both models of the centerpin reels that Amundson Manufactures are built with tight tolerances, and feature ported backplates to achieve a quality lightweight centerpin reel. Some of the best centerpin reels in their price range, you won’t be disappointed.

Reel Technology:

  • Diameter is 4.5″
  • Aluminum Die Cast and Machine Cut Frame and Spool
  • Dual Japanese Made Ball Bearings
  • Ported Spool with Exposed Rim for Easy Control
  • Anodized in Black Color
  • On/Off ratchet operated with Radial Positioned Lever
  • Precision Balanced for Smooth Free Spool
  • Twin Handles Add Stable Grip Without The Need to Take Your Eyes Off Your Line
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